Sunday, 15 August 2010

Gym Buddies

I used to go to the gym a lot. My housemates still go and tell stories about the clientele. I thought back to when I used to go. It seems there are always those similar people in the gym that fit these descriptions. I have narrowed them down for you.

Number 1- The Duo.

The 2 ripped guys that work out with each other. They wear long sleeved, skin tight lycra tops so you can see every muscle, tendon and vein. They also have a tendency to work out very close to each other. Very close in fact.

Number 2 - The Gazelle.

The woman that looks like she's been running for 16 years and her limbs look like the remains of a KFC meal. She's always at the gym, every time you are. She runs with never decreasing tenacity. Always focused.

Number 3 - New Years Resolution.

The person who has all the kit, probably because they got them as gifts. They find the PowerPlate - A platform that vibrates to benefit a tensed position. The never seem to fully understand that it compliments exercise. Not substitutes it.

Number 4 - The Screamer

This guy lifts too much weight and lets everyone know. Maybe he's set a new record. Maybe not.

Number 5 - The Experimentalist

They seem to hoard all of the equipment to work on an exercise that the rest of the world has never seen.

They also seem to use that exercise to work on one particular muscle. This is also a muscle that the rest of the world never knew about.

I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to tell you all about my dream body. It's a mixture of different athletic styles, both opposite ends of the fitness spectrum.

My imaginary parents Bruce Lee and Dawn French would be proud.

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